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Preschool Basics

Preschool Basics

Version 1.9.2

Parents, help your toddler learn the basics with this fun and simple learning tool.

This app is a colorful set of flash cards with sound for the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and vocabulary words. Number cards animate to demonstrate counting. Shuffle the cards to increase the challenge.

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Revision History
v1.0Initial release: flashcards for the alphabet and numbers one through ten with colorful graphics and audio.
v1.1Added colors with a spinning color wheel.
v1.2Added shapes.
v1.3Added support for small screens.
v1.4Added vocabulary, 30 nouns with images and 22 sight words (a, the, and, etc.)
v1.5Added toddler lock option.
v1.5.1Changed "i" word in the ABC's to a short vowel sound (user request.)
v1.6Added support for copying app to SD card.
v1.6.1Now pronounce letter Z as "zee" in the U.S. and "zed" in other countries.
v1.6.2New award certificate displayed upon completion of each card deck. Hide the status bar to protect access by your child.
v1.6.3Update pronunciation of "zebra" outside the U.S. per user request.
v1.7Vocabulary section now has four word decks: animals, house / indoor, transportation / outdoor, and all 33 Dolch pre-primer sight words.
v1.8Added font selection! Set font from the Options menu, either "Typewriter" (standard serif font) or "Handwriting" (looks more like the alphabet children learn to write in school.)
v1.8.1Small update so that Android 1.5 users can also have a font choice.
v1.9Support for Android 3 Honeycomb. Try it on a 10" tablet!
v1.9.1Blocks the Share and More Fun menu options when in Button Block mode. Suggested by user.
v1.9.2Fixed a problem with the spinning color wheel on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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